AWC Inspection App

Privacy Policies

AWC Inspection App   is a tool to monitor the infrastructure, staff and beneficiary participation, service quality of Anganwadis. Supervisor/CDPO/Other officials can record the observations in the checklist and save it for reference for planning purposes.

  1. Camera Permission: This application will use the phone camera of the user to take a picture in your profile.
  2. IMEI Number Permission : This application needs to access the IMEI Number of the user's phone .
  3. Call Permission : : This app needs the permission to use your call manager.
  4. Data Permission: This app needs to use your local data as well as WiFi data for running the app process.
  5. GPS Permission: This app needs to use your current location to let you access this app.

N.B. : Installing "AWC Inspection App"  means, User Has To Give All The Accessible Permission As Mentioned Above . Otherwise It Will Not Work In That Phone.